Parent Workshops

Upcoming Parent Workshops

Key Stage 2 Mathematics Workshop – Friday 19th January, 2:00pm

A workshop for parents of children in Years 3, 4, 5, & 6. In response to your feedback, the workshop will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. A separate Bar Modelling workshop will be arranged at a separate date.

Online Safety Workshop – Thursday 25th January, 2:00pm

We have invited ECP (Education Child Protection) into school to work with our Year 5 & 6 children, staff and parents. ECP come highly recommended and they will be delivering their Online Safety for Parents Presentation.

In the digital age in which we live, there are many ways that young people can communicate with other people.This session is a ‘must’ for all those who are concerned about the safety of their children when using technology.

There are 3 areas to be covered in the session:

  • How we educate children regarding staying safe online
  • Update into the online world of children
  • Making things safer at home

This dynamic, high quality presentation enables parents to understand the wide array of applications (apps) and websites out there today, particularly those that children and young people use.