School Council

Our Pupil Councillors

At Park, fifteen children make up our Pupil Council. Each class from Year 2 to Year 6 have a representative who attends a weekly meeting. As British Values are embedded throughout our learning, we voted democratically to elect each of our Pupil Councillors.

Our aims as Park’s Pupil Council:

  • Help to continue to improve our school
  • Bring the views of all ages together
  • Be the voice of the children at Park Primary School
Year 2

Annisha (Einstein Class)

Yusuf (Marie Curie Class)

Ifra (Pasteur Class)

Year 3

Arrun (Da Vinci Class)

Hanifah (Galileo Class)

Eva (Edison Class)

Year 4

Ruben (Brunel Class)

Diya (Berners Lee Class)

Kian (Hawking Class)

Year 5

Margot (Gandhi Class)

Shaquille (Rosa Parks Class)

Rianna (Helen Keller Class)

Year 6

Mija (Mandela Class)

Ayesha (Pankhurst Class)

Boris (Malala Class)