A Stone Age Visitor?

Peculiar things do sometimes appear in our Park Primary playground and, on Wednesday, Year 3 were called out to witness a very strange arrival.

Having just settled for our afternoon lessons, the school office called all Year 3 classes down to the playground and there we saw a very strange sight.  A man. But not, it seemed, a man from today’s world…

While some children claimed it was Mr Walker we wondered if that was possible, he was teaching in Year 6 (wasn’t he?!) And this man could only ‘speak’ in grunts and wore some very strange clothes: a simple brown tunic, animal fur and there were no shoes on his feet.  How strange!

We could tell he was frightened, so we all felt it best to leave although some children were very keen to investigate this strange man further!  Finally, we all made it back to class but it left so many questions.

What was going on? Who was he? Where had he come from? A visitor from The Stone Age perhaps? But why?…………

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