Forest School visits to Epping Forest

Our Year 1 children had a great time on their visits to Epping Forest.

One of the Year 1 classes enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles, climbing trees, building dens and crossing a stream. We also found some natural clay which they used to make designs on the trees. The children used their senses to play ‘find the tree,’ where one partner closes their eyes and the other partner guides them carefully to a tree. The child with their eyes closed has to feel the tree and its surroundings before being guided back to where they started. Once their eyes are open they have to look and feel the trees to find the right one!

Miss Peel was particularly impressed with their determination when climbing and balancing on trees, working out how to do it safely and looking out for their friends.

A different Year 1 class were lucky enough to meet two very friendly young swans who were hoping we had brought them some food! They enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles and spent a long time concentrating on decorating trees with clay and natural objects. One group also enjoyed hiding in dens and adding some sticks of their own.

One group in the third Year 1 class were lucky enough to still have snow on their visit to Epping Forest. We had to be careful as it was very slippery. The children enjoyed pretending to ice skate! We found lots of snow people and snow huts and enjoyed throwing snowballs. They were great at finding ways to cross the stream and found sticks to dangle in and pretend to fish!

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