Spelling at Park

Teaching spelling rules

We teach spelling rules through weekly spelling sessions (Y1-Y6) and through the teaching of phonics in Reception and KS1. We use a spelling scheme called Rising Stars Spelling which teaches every spelling focus set out in the National Curriculum. Spelling rules are taught through fun investigative activities to engage and challenge our pupils.

Weekly spelling tests

Each week (Y1-Y6), pupils are expected to learn the spelling of a set of 10 words and are tested on these every Friday. These words are taken from the word lists found in the National Curriculum and are words that children must learn. They also include common exception words (words which do not follow regular spelling patterns or rules, or words that cannot be phonetically sounded out). The idea of the weekly spelling test is to broaden our pupils’ vocabulary to support with their spoken and written English. Parents/carers are please asked to help define words for their children and put the words into meaningful contexts for them.

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