MFL at Park

At Park, we want to promote and celebrate the plethora of languages spoken by our pupils. We encourage children to celebrate their languages by focusing on a Language of the Month. This gives our children a chance to use simple greetings and phrases of a different language and opens discussion about the languages that our children are able to speak, translate, read or write in. In addition to this, we also celebrate International Mother Language Day, and we will be holding a French day in the summer term.   

Park’s chosen language is French and this is taught in Key Stage 2. It is taught in weekly 30 minute sessions with a primary focus on speaking and listening. Children are taught French phrases and vocabulary as well as the grammar and pronunciation that underpins the language. They are also able to extend their cultural understanding by finding out about French culture and daily life.

In Key Stage 1, children will be taught a range of songs and rhymes to prepare them for when they begin to learn French in Key Stage 2.

In order for children to build up their French skills at home, they can access Linguafun. This online resource provides games to test their knowledge and understanding. To access it, simply go to the website on any laptop, ipad or tablet, and use the login that the children have been given in school.