MFL at Park

Park’s chosen language is Spanish. Each half-term has a focus topic for each year group, for example family, food, colours or animals. Over the year, children will progress in the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) as well as being taught Spanish grammar and about the culture in Spanish speaking countries across the world.

The skills covered include:

  1. listening attentively to spoken language and showing understanding by joining in and responding

  2. exploring the patterns and sounds and linking the spelling, sound and meaning of words

  3. speaking in sentences and engaging in conversations

  4. developing accurate pronunciation and intonation

  5. reading carefully and showing understanding

  6. writing phrases 

  7. broadening vocabulary and developing an ability to understand new words that are introduced

  8. understanding basic grammar

Children will be taught new vocabulary and concepts through a variety of songs, rhymes, chants and games. Vocabulary, grammar and language skills are built on each year so that children make clear progress in the language.
To view our Spanish curriculum overview please click here