Reception at Park

Welcome to our Reception learning page. We hope you enjoy finding out about our school day and what Reception looks like at Park.

At Park we adhere to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. If you have any questions regarding our Early Years Provision, please speak to Mrs Ravi, our Reception Year Learning Leader. 

Reception Classes – the Explorers!

At Park, each class is named after a notable figure. In Reception, we are named after explorers because we do lots of exploratory learning. There are three Reception classes with 30 children in each class. The classes are called Columbus Class, Cook Class and Da Gama Class. Each class has a teacher and a teaching assistant.

Transition from Nursery to Reception

At Park Primary children learn from Reception to Year 6. Children join us from a range of nurseries in our surrounding area. To aid in transition from nursery to Reception we:

  • Invite children and parents/ carers to ‘Stay and play’ sessions for 1 hour every week in the Summer term (May, June and July). This takes place after school. It is an opportunity to meet the other children who will be attending in September, talk to the teachers and access the provisions in each Reception learning area as well as begin to form relationships.
  • The teachers visit some nurseries to speak to key workers and continue to build relations with the children.
  • Nurseries are encouraged to bring children for a morning or afternoon to familiarise the children with their new setting.
  • In the Summer, two members of staff from Park Primary will make a home visit to allow parents/ carers to ask questions, complete administration paperwork and for the children to talk about or show their home. This is the first of two home visits. The second home visit will take place in autumn. This is when the class teacher and teaching assistant will be able to share information about the start of the term and their class.

Reception children have a staggered entry to school in September to enable children to adapt to the new routines and for staff to make home visits in the afternoon. They start by attending for the morning then they move on to staying for lunch and finally for the whole day.

Reception full day

In Reception the timetable will change from Autumn through to Summer. In Autumn during the staggered entry children will be introduced to school rules, encouraged to independently look after their property and start taking part in class learning focus times such as story time. It is important for children to attend school every day to ensure they are receiving equal opportunities for their learning to develop.

Supporting learning at home

In reception we value the support and engagement from parents and carers. We recognise the huge difference it can make, not only to the children’s learning but to their attitude and behaviour to school too. These are some of the ways parents/carers of children in reception could get involved:

  • Our stay and learn sessions (please see the reception class door for specific information)
  • Talking to your child about the learning they do at school
  • Accompanying us on an school visits
  • Reading with your child at home and recording feedback in their yellow reading record books
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework activities.
  • Coming to watch your child’s sharing assembly (dates are on the newsletter)
  • Coming to our yearly sports day and getting involved in the sack race!
  • Our multicultural afternoons
  • Sharing any ‘wow moments’ in their homework books or via paper, video or photo and bringing or emailing them in to show us. This could be anything that you and your child is proud of, from starting swimming lessons to using or writing a sentence for the first time. We would love to hear about it.
  • Keeping an eye on the reception classroom doors for up to date messages, information about planning and any visits that are taking place.

Our door is ‘always open’ if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to one of the reception class teachers. The Early Years Foundation Stage is about you and your child working in partnership with us to ensure they succeed and develop a secure foundation for later learning.

Miss Allinson, Miss Hamlett, Miss Rice and Mrs Ravi (Reception Leader).

Forest School

In Reception we are proud to take part in ‘Forest school’. We enjoy exploring, looking for natural objects and mini beasts. We particularly take pleasure in finding lots of worms of all different lengths when digging in the mud! We use our imaginations to make up stories about invisible dragons and to build homes for some mini beasts. We also work closely with the park keepers!

At Forest School we:

  • learn how to manage risks and how to keep safe.
  • dress ourselves.
  • Share our interests about the natural environment and help plan future sessions.

Apps and Links for Home Learning

Please take a look at these useful apps and web links to use with your children!