School Clubs

At Park we offer a range of extra curricular clubs which mostly run after school. Letters are sent out to parents termly. Clubs run from 3.20pm-4.20pm and children must be collected promptly at this time.

After-school Clubs offer the opportunity for children to interact outside of the classroom environment and learn new skills, providing fun for the child.  A club will help develop the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, moral, social and interaction skills.  Clubs can also help build friendships as they share interests – be they recreational or educational.  Attending clubs helps to broaden children’s interests, introducing key skills which will be useful later in life.

Additionally if you have any comments about the clubs your child has enjoyed thus far or if you have other thoughts you would like to share please let us know via email at


After School Clubs Timetable

Name of Club Year Group Led by Location
Contemporary Dance 3 and 4 Ms Tegan Drama Studio


Name of Club Year Group Led by Location
Building Learning Powers through play Reception, 1 and 2 Ms Rice and Ms Edward Jemison classroom and Reception Garden
Creative and Construction Club Reception Ms Khan MacArthur classroom
Storytelling Reception Ms Hamlett Seacole classroom
Space to Study Club 2 Ms Dobinson Pasteur classroom
Athletics and Cricket 3 and 4 Mr Ttoffali Outside
Newham Harmony Singing Club 4 Ms Parsons Creative Room
Skipping 5 and 6 Ms Ami Outside
Production Club 6 Ms Liz Drama Studio


Name of Club Year Group Led by Location
Sound it out – write it up 1 Miss Laine Marco Polo classroom
Space to Study 5 and 6 Mr Perard Rosa Parks classroom
Basketball 5 and 6 Mr Walker, Mr Hodkin, Mr Fisher Outside


Name of Club Year Group Led by Location
Board Game Club 1 Mrs Lennon Marco Polo classroom
Mindfulness Colouring 2 Ms Osborne Einstein classroom
Arts and Crafts 1 Ms Miah Attenborough classroom
Rounders 4 Mr Sansom Outside
Dance 3 and 4 Ms Ami Outside
Rounders 5 and 6 Ms Phelan, Mr Tull, Ms Newton Outside
Photography 5 and 6 Mrs Loughran Creative Room and Roof Garden