At Park Primary the development of good speaking and listening skills is seen as key to developing good general English skills. As such pupils are explicitly taught how to be good speakers and good listeners; this is encouraged and modelled in both formal and informal settings.

There are many and varied opportunities for the direct teaching of speaking and listening skills, both explicitly in English related sessions and across the full curriculum. These include:

  • a) ensuring that each adult and other pupils provide good role models;
  • b) teaching the pupils the difference between standard and non-standard forms of spoken English and when each of these can be appropriately used;
  • c) ensuring opportunities for discussion: individually, in pairs and in groups;
  • d) teaching pupils about how to be a good listener and insisting that pupils employ these skills at appropriate points during any teaching session and in their interactions with pupils and adults across the school;
  • e) giving pupils the opportunity to perform to a variety of different audiences e.g. choral speaking and public speaking competitions;
  • f) ensuring all pupils are succeeding by use of on-going oracy teacher assessment.