Thinking Through Texts

Thinking Through Texts is a Park generated curriculum area which hones creativity and empathy through the use of high quality texts (usually thematic picture books). Children will discuss themes etc and will create an outcome which may be written or performed.

The aim of each unit in TTT is to provide a backdrop to the entire English curriculum in order that there is greater context and deeper, REAL, understanding of every text that is being shared. This is a means to improve general comprehension skills.

Each half termly unit will contain: 

  • A philosophy session (a period of time where thoughts are stimulated and provoked)

  • Elements of vocabulary teaching – specifically pre chosen for manipulation and exploration for etymology etc.

  • Deep analysis at text level which immerses children in any narrative’s content and allows them to have rich opportunities to really read for meaning

  • Opportunities to orally present or discuss or to write a sustained piece using the content of the text as a stimulus

  • Multiple opportunities for composition (of thoughts, of speech, of discussion as well as chance to meaningfully record in writing)

  • Opportunities to appreciate the difference between writing for oneself to inform talk/ to make notes etc and writing with an audience in mind: presented to its highest standard.