Important Information

At Park we are really keen to ensure that the teaching of writing focuses on developing the children’s competence in both dimensions:

  • Transcription (spelling and handwriting).
  • Composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing)

Writing down ideas fluently depends on effective transcription, that is on spelling quickly and accurately through knowing the relationship between sounds and letters and understanding the morphological (word structure) and orthographic (spelling structure) patterns of words. Writing also depends on fluent, legible and eventually speedy handwriting. Effective composition involves articulating and communicating ideas, and then organising them coherently for a reader. This requires clarity, awareness of the audience, purpose and context, and an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

In order to ensure the children are skilled we:

  • Have a whole school systematic phonics programme (RWI).
  • Have an English Curriculum which encourages fluent readers and writers who are skilled at manipulating their written text dependent upon the audience.
  • Use the correct terminology at all times.
  • Have a whole school handwriting scheme where children are given a Pen Licence once their handwriting is fluent, legible and correct in formation.
  • Set targets for their improvement based upon their current attainment    
    and the next steps in their learning.

The non-negotiables are:

  • Grammar is taught in context and even in the stand alone lesson at the start of a unit, the grammar element is still related to the unit’s context.
  • Grammar is taught throughout and across the week and is referred to in writing lessons across the curriculum.
  • Spelling words are sent home each week with a view to broadening vocabulary.
  • Spelling strategies are taught once per week alongside the understanding of word derivations, root words and word classes.

Useful Resources

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