New Build is Officially Open!

For anyone who was unable to attend our official opening of our PE Hall, MUGA and Creative Room, we would like to share with you Mrs Ttoffali’s opening speech and photos of the event.

Opening our new ‘wing’
In opening this new part of our building, my hope is that:

The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) supports us in developing and nurturing a physically fit, competitive and team-aware community.

The Main Hall supports us in our aim to foster a socially, spiritually and morally aware community; supportive of each other’s achievements.

The Creative Room and outdoor learning space on the roof allows us to build a philosophical reading community of learners who are aspirational, confident, creative and caring in approach.

To marry the opening of this amazing new learning space (of which we are very proud) with Michael Rosen’s presence today, all that remains to be to say is:

We’re going on a learning hunt,
We’re going to do some great ‘stuff’,
What a beautiful, brand new day-
We’re certainly not scared!
We CAN go under it,
We CAN go through it,
We CAN go over it,
And now indeed we’re going to enjoy it!

Natasha Ttoffali

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