Star of the Term Forest School Sessions

The children who had earned awards at the end of the summer term took part in a special Forest School session this week. 
On the way to Forest School the children looked at autumnal changes in the park and identified different plants and wildlife; they talked about their features. They also had the challenge of finding the driest sticks and tinder for the fire (which, with the heavy downpours was quite a challenge!). 
The children enjoyed having the opportunity to play in the natural environment, learning the joy and endless play opportunities a simple stick can bring! They worked with their year group peers but also with children from other year groups which was lovely to see. The tree swing and hammock were popular and lots of children enjoyed threading a conker and playing the traditional game. 
To end the session they talked about making fires and staying safe and worked together to start a campfire to toast marshmallows and make popcorn.