Key Information

Paper copies of information published on this website are available to Parents/Carers.
Please enquire via the school office.

Our School Day

Our usual school day begins at 9am and ends at 3:15pm however as it gives a positive and calm start to the day, we have introduced ‘soft start’ which means pupils may arrive at school between 8:45 and 9am.

  Start Finish Total hours per week
Early Years (Little Park) Morning Session 8:45 11:45 15 hours
Early Years (Little Park) Afternoon Session 12:30 3:30 15 hours
Early Years (Reception) 8:55 (registration 9:10) 2:55 30 hours
Lower School (Years 1 & 2) 8:45 (registration 9:00) 3:15 31 hours, 15 minutes
Middle School (Years 3 & 4) 8:45 (registration 9:00) 3:15 31 hours, 15 minutes
Upper School (Years 5 & 6) 8:45 (registration 9:00) 3:15 31 hours, 15 minutes

It is important that your child comes to school on time. If they are late they will miss key elements of the first lesson of the day and they will interrupt their classmates’ learning.

School Uniform

At Park Primary, uniform is not compulsory. Children can choose to attend in uniform which is a white/ yellow polo shirt, red/ royal blue/ navy blue or green jumper and grey skirt/ trousers. Uniform with an emblem is available from Ian Howard, 409 Barking Road, East Ham, E6 2JT.

If your child wishes to choose what they wear to school, we ask that they attend in season-appropriate clothes which are comfortable yet smart.

Jewellery is not allowed and appropriate footwear should be worn at all times (closed-in toes are expected).


We have split lunchtimes to give us all as much space and time in the playground as possible, helping us to have a happy playground.


Our lunchtime supervisors look after us in the playground. We enjoy being active using the playground equipment; dancing along to our favourite music; reading and sharing books or chatting with our friends, amongst other things.

Our Playground Leaders like to organise games and make sure we are happy. Our favourite games are football and King Ball.

We also have a play worker who plays games with us and teaches us to skip.


The school target for attendance is 96%. We take attendance very seriously and want your child to attend school every day because we know that good attendance results in good levels of achievement. If your child is going to be absent from school please ring us and let us know why. If you do not ring us, we will contact you and ask why your child is absent.

Our Attendance Officer, Marjana Uddin monitors attendance and punctuality. Please contact her if you require support with your child’s attendance or punctuality.

We reward good attendance each week with an Attendance Cup for pupils in Key Stage 2. Lily and George, the Attendance Teddies, are awarded to pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1.