Online Safety

At Park Primary e-safety is a very important part of Park life.

We asked the children to complete a survey of the technology they use at home to help us understand what devices they are aware of and how they use them. Please look below to see our findings.

  • Across the school mobile phones were most popular way of using the internet.
  • Ipads were quite common
  • Nearly all children had internet access
  • Internet is used most commonly in bedrooms and family rooms
  • The most popular reason for using the internet was playing games (followed by finding information).
  • Lots of children are using Skype
  • Some popular website are on the next page. Websites linked to TV channels were quite popular (especially with the younger children).

Please find a downloadable copy of the presentation here.

Please follow this link to watch the video on Youtube.

Recently each year group looked at understanding e-safety issues at school and home. These are some of the stories and websites we looked at.

 Smart Kids Website

Penguin story

A story about what do if pop-ups or strange messages appear on a computer.


A story that looks at cyber-bullying, peer-pressure and messages to think about. 

Key Stage 2

Us Online Website –

Each lesson children are reminded about being SMART.

Here are some websites that we found useful.

LGfL Online Safety –

The LGFL (London Grid for Learning) offers a section on online safety with further websites, stories and ideas about keeping safe using electrical devices.

Think U KNow (5-7)

Think U Know (8-10)

BBC Safe Surfing

We are continually looking at ways to support you and your child so contact the school at if you feel we can help with your online safety concerns.