Religious Education at Park

Important Information

In Religious Education the children are taught about the Christian faith and also the faiths of the different groups that form our multi-cultural community in-line with Newham’s agreed syllabus (the legal document all Newham schools follow).

The RE curriculum is agreed by the Standing Advisory Committee on RE (SACRE), which is made up of Newham councillors, teachers and faith group representatives.

This ensures that each faith group has agreed that the way their faith is taught is fair and comprehensive. They have also agreed that children from their faith will learn about the beliefs of others.

At Park we also host the school Junior and Infant RE conferences, where children from different Newham schools come together to discover new information on religion and how we act towards one another. The children have explored themes such as forgiveness and thankfulness.

Collective Worship

Daily collective worship takes place in the classroom at Park, and there are two whole key stage assemblies to celebrate the children’s achievements, as well as where pupils reflect on our thought for the week. Parents can access our programme of thoughts via the school newsletter.

Visit a Place of Worship

Each year the children visit a place of worship as part of Newham’s ‘Visit a Place of Worship’ competition. Over their years at Park, the children will have the opportunity to visit different places of worship including a Buddhist Temple, Church, Gurdwara, Mandir, Mosque and Synagogue.

Right to Withdraw

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the acts of Collective Worship and Religious Education lessons. If you wish to withdraw your child from these parts of school life, in the first instance, contact the class teacher or write to the Head Teacher. For more information about withdrawing your child from RE lessons, please see pages 18-19 of the Newham Syllabus.